What is Gestalt Therapy?


In Gestalt Therapy, it is all about contact and dialogue with oneself and others in one’s  social systems. It is about what happens between people here and now. Most of the time, this has a history which has not yet been told or finished. It’s an open end - an “open Gestalt” - that keeps our attention and energies and provides us from going on.

Most important is to become aware of what is actually happening here and now. What do we feel? How do we think and explain our world? Are there alternatives? Gestalt Therapy aims to make this transparent. With all the pressure and activity around us, this is not always easy - and sometimes we do not even want awareness about certain things. Perception training, raising transparency, enabling new experiences and perspectives, finding and testing new solutions for new and self-reliant decisions - that is the idea.

Finding individual strengths and enhancing resources...

As Gestalttherapist I am convinced that we as human beings know intuitively what we need for a satisfied living and  bring all necessary capacities with us.The only thing we lack sometimes is trust and confidence in ourselves.

...this is what I can help you with.